Here are some FAQ’s in case you get asked. 

Where are the full terms and conditions of the awards?

You can view the full terms and conditions here.


How do I submit my work for the awards? 

Go to and fill in the entry page.  It will ask for your contact details, your Instagram handle if you have one (so we can share it on the Gyprock Instagram page) and where you purchased your Gyprock products.  Please tell us the store name and suburb eg GTC Carrara, Skinners Bendigo 

You need to upload one or two images of your best work and one image of yourself.  The image of yourself could be with your team on the job, or a snap from a recent holiday.  Grab a texta and write I’m a Gyprocker on a sign and hold it up.  Or just edit the photo and write on the image directly.  Or grab a sticker in any store and use it as a sign.  We really just want to get to know you. 


Where do I get the I’m a Gyrocker sticker from? 

Each store will have stickers that you can use for your image to hold up when you take a selfie, or stick it to your toolbox or vehicle and stand next to it and take a snap. 


Can I enter more than one award category? 

Absolutely.  We want you to submit all your projects, and if that fits within different categories that’s great.  This year we are also looking for our most impressive apprentices, so if you’ve been working on a project together, please make sure you get them to submit their work too. 


Can I enter twice? 

Please do!  We want you to share multiple projects that you have done over the past year.  When you submit your entry, please just identify the project by the type of build and the suburb.  Eg Norman Park House, Toorak townhouse, St Mary’s school etc 


When can my project be from? 

Anything you completed from the 1st September 2018 to now.  Go through your photos and look over your projects and find examples of your best work. 


When are the Awards nights? 

There will be awards nights in each region beginning mid-October and running into November.  The first 100 entries will automatically get tickets to these events. 


What can I win? 

The Best Craftsman award winner will win a Business Pro Pack and work with a graphic designer on their brand.  This could be signage for your vehicle, a new website, flyers to get you work, Facebook ads etc.  They will also win a Digital Marketing Bootcamp program to really understand the basics and what you need to do to increase your online presence in your community. 

All the other awards will win prize packs valued at over $500 each with vouchers, tools and merchandise. 


Can I enter by posting my images on Instagram? 

No, we need you to enter online at  If you post an image on Instagram, we will send you a message and a link on how to enter.  We will be sharing all the entries on the Gyprock Instagram page as a post or a story though. 


Does my whole job have to use Gyprock products? 

We’d love for you to use Gyprock on the whole job.   However, the elements on the photo you take must include Gyprock sheets and compounds and/or cornice.  We know some jobs require ornate cornice so we will let you off on that one. 


What if I don’t have social media? 

You don’t need it.  If you have an internet connection on your PC or a data plan on your phone, you can upload your photos and enter.  If you do have an Instagram account, please include your handle so we can tag you when we promote your entry. 


Do I need a gyprock account to enter? 

No, but we need to be able to check that you’ve purchased Gyprock either by a receipt or we can check with the reseller you purchased from to verify that you’ve bought Gyprock branded products. 


Can I submit video? 

We would love that!!!  We want to see your work come to life and we want to see you and your team in action. 


How do I win? What is the Peoples Choice awards? 

Share your work with us online to enter, and it will give you the option to share your entry on Facebook or Twitter.  Click yes and you’ll see your post appear on your page.  Then your mates can simply click on the post and hit the VOTE button.  Job done!  The entry with the most votes will Win the Peoples Choice Award in their region. 

The other awards will be shortlisted as finalists, and a panel of past winners will vote on who should be this years winners for each category. 


What is a hashtag? 

A hashtag is the # sign you will see across this campaign.  On Instagram users can follow hashtags and see all the posts that use them. For example, if someone follows the hashtag #Imagyrocker, they’ll see recent posts that have that hashtag in their feed.  It’s an easy way to see what others are doing in the plastering community.